About Perseid

Empowered Stones Empowering the Wearer

Magickal Stones

Whether it’s worn as a statement piece, or as an everday extension of the essence of You, my jewelry is designed to act as a accessory to your own personal vision, and usually the name is a hint to what I had in mind when I designed it.

Of course, every bauble is created with loveliness as it’s most important component, and it’s my hope that whatever your jewelry is purchased for – be it personal empowerment, personal decoration, or as a heartfelt gift- it’s an item that’s treasured for years to come.

Custom/Bespoken Work

Custom orders are welcomed, and your input on exactly what you want and expect is appreciated! Letting me know what metal type, colors, and weights you prefer, alerting me to sensitivities, if applicable, and giving me a concept of the completed piece you’re envisioning is not “pushy”- It makes my job easier and ensures your satisfaction with the finished product!

Keep in mind that some stones are soft, break and crumble easily, or are so oddly shaped that a conventional wrap is impossible to achieve. I hate to turn business away, but having been faced with situations that were far beyond expectation in the past, and never wanting to relive the experience, I won’t hesitate to let you know if I feel the limitations presented overshadow my talent and reach.

Shop Policies

Should you have breakage or damage on an item DUE TO MAKER WORKSMANSHIP please do not hesitate to contact me. I do not offer refunds or exchanges, but I’ll be happy to make good on any fault of my own and arrange to repair your jewelry at no charge to you should this be the case.

I do ask that the item be returned in a timely manner, as customer orders are fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis, and I’ll need to plan project schedules accordingly.

Working on a necklace

Halloween Disclaimer

I’m a Monster.

No! Really! I’m a Monster at a local professional Haunt during the Halloween season!

Any Haunter’s reading know what that means.

Everyone else? What this means is that I’m extremely busy and largely unavailable from September to Mid-November, and as I’ll already be juggling daytime secretaring, nighttime scaring, and hardly sleeping, there’s no way I can juggle jewelry designing, too.

Therefore, I regret that no Customizations or Consignment work is available during the Halloween season. As stated above, I’m extremely stretched that time of year, and I refuse to promise something I probably can’t deliver. I love making jewelry, but I love Haunt Life too, and hope to scream in the night for as long as I’m able.

You are, of course, encouraged to place an order for existing product, and welcomed to tickle my inbox with any Custom Inquiries, but please be patient as there may (and probably will) be delays involved in Fall.

If you’re in the area, come by and see me:


We’ll be waiting…

And Finally

Last, but far from least, thank you for your visit! Please check out available pieces available here or via my Etsy Shop, https://www.etsy.com/shop/perseiddesign/    

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