Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror pendant pictured on my Altar with a poppet
Dendritic Opal, also known as Merlinite, is a “stone of duality, of black and white, light and dark, magic, good luck, and dark night of the soul”.

Said to grant the bearer the truest knowledge of self, both good and bad, I suppose it’s appropriate that when looking upon the face of this cab I saw a view from the forest’s edge, across a great gorge to a mountains peak. The journey will be long and arduous, but the rewards are rumoured to be great…

Speaking of the cab, it’s a large one at 38 x 45mm, making the total pendant size 1 3/4 x 2″, not including the bail.

Wrapped in a wire frame based in black, wove with shades of blue to complement and draw the eye, this is actually a revamp of a piece that I wasn’t happy with, so I cut the original frame off the cab and started over. It would look lovely suspended from a black satin ribbon, but cord, chain, or beads would be equally appealing. The choice is yours.

$50.00 plus tax and shipping

Mirror Mirror pendant

Pendant-$50.00, 10% Sales Tax-$5.00, Shipping-$3.00