Good Thoughts

Good Thoughts Necklace pictured on my Altar.Often called the Gambler’s Stone, Aventurine was traditionally used to create charms, increasing confidence and creativity, and to draw prosperity, perhaps even opening the bearer to new opportunities and adventures.

Apatite is certainly no less useful, as it is a stone of manifestation, showing you how you can turn your ideas into reality, and get the results that you desire. It can also stimulate your psychic gifts and enhance your spiritual attunement.

Here I’ve combined them in a necklace with both Artists and Diviners in mind, featuring a tumbled Apatite specimen wired into a wrapped pendant, embellished with Smokey Quartz (good for cooperation and quieting quarrels, it can also enhance creativity and problem solving)

Suspended from a triple strand fall of Aventurine chips, and finished with cotton turquoise cord, it adjusts from choker to opra length with the tie of a knot to suit all of your inspired adventures.

$40.00, plus Tax and Shipping

Good Thoughts

Necklace-$40.00, 10% Sales Tax-$4.00, Shipping-$5.00 US/Canada