Moonspinner Bracelet

Moonspinner Bracelet: 3/4 view shot.

A delicate, 1/8″ wide bangle of woven copper is embellished by a 12x20mm half-moon shaped Dendritic Opal cabochon that’s flanked by round beads of Obsidian and Snow Quartz.

Found in New Mexico, Dendritic is a form of common Opal that has dark feathery, tubular or orbicular inclusions (or dendrites) within it’s base that are usually composed of Manganese.

Moonspinner Bracelet: modeled by the maker.

Said to be useful in promoting growth, but whether that growth is personal, spritual, or magickal is perhaps best determined by the wearers intent and energy.

Sized at a Ladies 7.5″, M, and fits most.

42.75 + shipping, available in the Etsy Shop:

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