One Brown Mouse

Pendant of wire wrapped Dendritic Opal, in progress.

A good deal more was accomplished today, if not completely finished in every case. FINALLY got my Moonstone mounted in a protective wrap, though I did decide at the last minute that the frame wire was more than strong enough, and that the minimalist approach was best in the end.

Side view of Moonstone Ring wrapped in silver.

Well, maybe Art Nouveau is a better descriptor. Either way, I felt like a weave would be too much, and detract from the stone more than enhance it. So I filed the roughs and called it finished, happy that I can wear it again.

Moonstone Ring wrapped in silver.

From there I went on to the Dendritic Opal cabochon, to be wrapped in a quarter moon weave that a friend suggested for it.

Setting the frame for a dendritic opal cab pendant.

After getting the frame situated, which took a bit, figuring how what I wanted could translate into a bail as well, I started with the Figure Eight weave.

Three quarters of a figure eight weave for a wire woven pendant.

I completed one side, the front, today. Hopefully I left enough “give” in the wire that the frame will still hit the edges, like I’m seeing in my head, but even so it does feel a little tight, so I’ll have to refit before I pick it up again to start the back weave, then complete the frame and bail.

If I missed it, which is always a possibility, it won’t be a killer and the buyer – whomever that may be – should still be delighted. It’s just a benchmark I’ve set for me.

Wire weave pendant halfway complete.

I wasn’t too wild about the Merlinite (Dendritic Opal by another name) at first, but bought the cabs because I knew the high contrast would lend itself to designs and sell well. It’s eyecatching. 

But as I worked with this huge piece the more I saw in it, and by now the stone has really grown on me. A good feeling- I love what I do and need to love everything I make.

All this was interspersed with typical Sunday chore things: grocery shopping, preparing Sunday dinner, carpet cleaning… And all this was accompanied by a little sable field mouse, who slips into our house when it’s chilly, and for some reason I can’t fathom (because I can’t read mouse brain) has decided to subtly follow me from room to room, always staying pretty well out of sight, or only being noticed audibly: I could hear it doing it’s mouse thing under the floorboards of my room. I imagine it’s access (and actual home) is in the crawlspace.

Well, I say I can’t know it’s reasoning, but even as I type I hear the pair of Great Horned Owls that nest in the woods behind us, calling to each with news of the night’s hunt. Even closer, a newly come Screech Owl glides by, keening.

And even a sable field mouse needs shelter now and then. 

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