Made With Love

Labradorite pendant on ribbon necklace, shot using camera flash
Pendant shot with flash

I had ordered some cabs from a seller in India during the middle of last month, and luckily they arrived this past Wednesday!

As my daughter had admired the 33mm triangular Labradorite when I showed her the picture, I knew it was meant to be a gift.

Since she’s at work today, so I took a break from other projects, personal and otherwise, and wired it up for her. She asked for surprises under the tree this year, and – while she may have suspected who the pendant was intended for – hopefully the piece as a whole is.

Labradorite Pendant pictured in ambient light
Pendant shot in ambient light

And hopefully with the use of the black ribbon (in place of a plain cord or chain, or the blue satin I initially chose) it will be something she can wear to work.