Queen Bee

Full frontal shot of the Queen Bee necklace. Actually hardened translucent resin produced by coniferous trees of the Tertiary period, and typically yellowish to red in color, Amber is a Solar “stone” closely associated with the power of the Sun and masculine energies. For many centuries Amber has been considered one the most potent of magical gems, and is favored by witches, both Traditional and Wiccan.Close up of the jet bead spacers used in the Queen Bee Necklace

Like Amber, Jet is not actually a stone, but a fossilized organic substance very similar to coal, and in fact Jet and coal are created from the same materials in the same way. Jet is common in prehistoric burials and is associated with powerful women, Queens and Priestesses. In modern times it typically represents the power of the Goddess and the mystery of the night in which the silver Moon is Queen.

Close-up shot of amber and jet beads.

Together, Amber and Jet are traditional ornaments of rank in British Traditional Witchcraft. In Gardnerian Craft, the High Priestess is permitted to wear amber and jet jewels upon obtaining Third Degree. More can be found regarding this and other lore at
http://afwcraft.blogspot.com/2016/10/amber-jet-and-bone.html?m=1Close-up of the barrel clasp used on Queen Bee

The Queen Bee Necklace features three strands of Amber chips, ranging in size from small to large, and interspersed at intervals with 4mm Jet rounds. Casually draped, to ease the addition of your own trinkets and charms by using a jump ring or wire.

The Queen Bee necklace as worn on model.

20″ at the shortest length, it’s finished with a Sterling plated Barrel Clasp.

$52.25 plus Tax and Shipping


Queen Bee

Necklace-$52.25, 10% Sales Tax-$5.23, Shipping-$4.00 (US/Canada)