Haunt Season 2018

It’s here, basically. For people like me, anyway.

It’s Halloween. It’s time to ROAR!

I can feel the summer getting dryer, the days growing infinitesimally shorter, and the adrenaline starting to tingle and hum. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been pushing so hard to get so much caught up here, and commission wise, too.

There are a few off the rack pieces I’d like to redesign before I repost them: one I’m just not completely happy with, one that needs to be put together, one that can be so much better if the pendant was available separately and the necklace was revamped into something so much more-

So much to perfect! So much to do! Because I know that I’ll be ordering that latex tomorrow, and working on my face and chest prostheses for the Haunt here soon. Trying to tie the ends and have baby tucked in before my nights get really long and I sink myself in grue.

Prosthetic in progress

Plastering. Peeling. Molding. Trimming. Working for the perfect fit so I can hit the trail and terrorize even better than the year before.

Hours with my wheels and brushes, painting for that perfect gore…

I’m going to be a busy girl.

I’m going to be a monster again, and that makes me the happiest busy girl in the world!

Prosthetic 2015

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