Shaman Pendant 

Front view of the Shaman Pendant.

A Hawk’s Eye (also known as Blue Tiger’s Eye) is a Shamanic stone, and helpful to anyone undertaking magical journeys, astral travel or any difficult spiritual task, and is often used in magic to connect with past lives, Ancestor Spirits or the Mighty Dead (the spirits of priests, priestesses and other magic users who have left us).

Here it’s presented in a chunky, asymmetrical cab, ½” thick, ¾” wide at it’s apex, and 1 ½” long…

Side view of the Shaman Pendant showing thickness.

Okay, it’s a flat rock.

Whatever you call it, it’s a substantial specimen! Caged in 20 gauge copper, flourished with spirals and curlicues, accented with tan and blue wraps made of 26 gauge coated copper, it’s fully reversible.

Shaman Pendant worn from a black cotton cord.

Happy alone, suspended from chain or cord; delightful with the Sigil Necklace (available separately)

A powerful companion for whatever path you’re on.

$19.00 plus Tax and Shipping



Pendant-$19.00, 10% Sales Tax-$1.90, Shipping-$4.00 (US/Canada)