Appeasing The Gentry Necklace

Appeasing The Gentry Necklace

A Banded Aragonite wrapped as a feature, then set against some of the most gorgeous Smokey Quartz beads I’ve ever clapped eyes on, and in a chunky 12mm size to boot!
Wrapped Banded Aragonite feature

Aragonite increases energy, boosts self-confidence and feelings of self-worth. Said to be the stone of choice for parents and people in tense relationships, it relieves stress, emotional fatigue and anger, bringing patience when it is needed most.

Naturally Earth-centered, Banded Aragonite can help bring you in tune with the Nature Spirits so that you may better connect, and it’s recommended that this form of the stone is used when one wishes to encourage encounters with the Fey, especially those of woodland type.

Smokey Quartz is a good stone for cooperation and quieting quarrels. It can also improve creativity and assist in problem solving, and these beads are particularly rich and dark- A sumptuous morion that was acheived with irradiation. They’re so uniform the photograph close to black, so I added a close-up here!

Smokey Quartz and clasp close

The Wrap and metal findings are made of silver plated copper, as I tried to keep the price reasonable, while steering well clear of steel, which contains iron.

18″ total length, including the nine 1mm quartz crystal beads strung against the bar side of the silver-plated toggle clasp, to guard against wear and make it easier to secure.

A lovely combination for anyone who wishes to (or already does) work with their Good Neighbors.

(As always, any work with The Fae or other unpredictable Nature Spirits should be approached with background knowledge, forethought, and caution.)

$40.00 + shipping

(International Shipping available in the Etsy Shop)

Appeasing the Gentry Necklace

Appeasing the Gentry Necklace plus Flat Rate shipping via US Postal Service


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