Appeasing The Gentry

Trillium bloom in our woods

(Originally published on March 18, 2018)

It’s been a busy weekend: Completing Cupid’s Dart, seeing what I had to cope with once I begin planting the garden in earnest (a lot!), my birthday celebration with my family…

Nevertheless, it’s the yard (and the woods behind us) that brought me to consider my next piece.

But before I get my cart ahead of my horse, a little background is in order:

We moved from just across the street, where I’d formed a bond with the various Genius Loci in that area easily. They were tentative at first, but curious and welcoming.

Of course, approaching the Fae took a little longer (and a lot more honeyed milk and Mike Ikes!) but I had been making inroads towards friendship…

Not so here.

Oh, I can feel them: Watchful, guarded, distrustful. Not just wild, but noticeably angry and very unfond of humans.

And why not? One look at the back yard and woods surrounding it told me all I needed to know about their experiences with people before: Rusted cans buried halfway to their tops, discarded toys, tupperware, and food cartons…

A television! Part of a baby bed! Ragged cushions wrapped around the tree trunks!

Not to mention the disintegrating plastic bags I’ve been methodically pulling up out of the ground, each time I’m out for a stroll.


I still have my work cut out for me, (with boots and gauntlet gloves to ward against snake bite, of course) but my small initial efforts were a good start and I can feel that glowering anger slowly, ever so slowly, giving way to curiosity.

Still, it’s going to take time and work. A show of good faith. A couple more cartons of Contractor’s bags. Mike Ikes and honeyed milk.

It’s made me wonder if anyone else has searched for ways to right past wrongs, and form a bond with their Good Neighbors…

Smokey Quartz beads with tumbled Banded Aragonite

So other than the fantastic color combination, I think I may be on to something here! Banded Aragonite wrapped as a feature, and set against Smokey Quartz beads!

Smokey Quartz is a good stone for cooperation and quieting quarrels – It can also improve creativity and assist in problem solving.

Aragonite increases energy, boosts self-confidence and feelings of self-worth. Said to be the stone of choice for parents and people in tense relationships, it relieves stress, emotional fatigue and anger, bringing patience when it is needed most!

Naturally Earth centered, Banded Aragonite can help bring you in tune with the Nature Spirits so that you may better connect, and it’s recommended that this form of the stone is used when one wishes to encourage encounters with the Fey, especially those of woodland type.

Now, I would ALWAYS advise any work with the Fae be approached with a more than healthy serving of forethought and caution, so it was also my thought that these calming, earthy stones would assist the wearer in acting sensibly as well.

I plan to keep the wrap and necklace fairly simple: Earthy, calm, and clean. Better to harmonize with both stone’s energy, and I can see it in my head-

If it lives up to that vision I hope I can part with the finished product!